Our brands

The largest brands within Peab Industri in Sweden are Peab Asfalt, PEAB PGS, Swerock, Cliffton, Lambertsson, ATS Kraftsservice and Skandinaviska Byggelement.

On the Norwegian market we operates through Kranor, Ferdigbetong and Peab Asphalt Norway and Finland, we operate by including MBR, Vasa Betong and Lambertsson/Virtanen.

Including above mentioned brands Peab Industri contains of several different brands, whereof many operates very locally.

Paving, production of asphalt, tankbeläggningar

Rental of construction cranes, mobile cranes, building hoists, crane lorries, trucks, telescopic loaders, heavy goods handling

Power transmission contracts

Solar power, solar cells

Rental of power tools, site huts, fall protection, perimeter protection, scaffolding, road lightning, temporary construction electricity

Production of concrete, concrete pumping

Gravel and crushing products, shingle and macadam

Transportation- and construction machinery services

Recycling of surplus material and contaminated soil from construction- and civil engineering industry

Production and mounting of outdoor products in environmental friendly larch such as benches, tables and outdoor exercise equipment

Development, production and mounting of complete construction system for industrially built apartment blocks

Production and mounting of prefabricated concrete components and frameworks for walls, balconies, system of joists, foundations

Trading of Strategic Products