Caring for people and our environment

  • Now we take the lead in environmental state solutions in the production of asphalt and can offer you the ECO Asphalt, produced by carbon-neutral biomass


Peab Industri is a comprehensive supplier to the Nordic construction-- and civil engineering market

Peab Industri is a business area within the Peab Group and consists of several large companies that are focused on the Nordic construction- and civil engineering market. We are a comprehensive supplier of all the products and services you may need in order to be able to carry out your construction- and civil engineering project.

Within Peab Industri we also have businesses which works within mining- and power transmission market where we for instance perform mining carriages, delivers services within the energy sector and electrical contracting, We also perform mounting and installation of solar energy and manufacturing and mounting of outdoor products in environmental friendly larch as for instance outdoor exercise equipment, tables and park benches.

Caring for people and our environment

Peab Industri is caring for our environment and our fellow men. We want that everyone shall live and work in a sustainable society where both you and future generations shall feel safe. Our different businesses do everything what they can do to reducce their environental impact and footprint, but also what they can do to improve the work environment for their employees. For instance;

  • Environment education to improve the evironment awareness among our employees.
  • By using crushed rock instead of natural gravels we reduce the exploitation of finite natural resources in production of concrete- and asphalt
  • We offer our customers to take care of all waste from their production site in the most secure, environmentally and economically way
  • The conversion from fossil fuels to bio oil at our asphalt plants gives a carbon neutral asphalt manufacturing
  • Green electricity and gas at our asphalt plants, crushing plants, concrete plants and production units reduces further the use of fossil fuels
  • ECO Asphalt is produced in manufacturing plants who converted to bio-oil, samma höga kvalitet som vår konventionella asfalt bara mer klimatsmart
  • Eco-Paving, products for low tempered asphalt, reduces the energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and improves the working environment
  • By our energy proof and isolated site huts we reduces the energy consumption as well as the working environment improves
  • Recycling of asphalt and concrete reduces the use of resources
  • Coordination of transports and education in Eco-driving reduces the carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Developed an energy optimization system to reduce the energy consumption and environment impact on the work places.
  • Transportation of prefabricated concrete components by train reduces the environment impact
  • The Nordic's most modern machinery of cranes reduces the electricity consumption and carbon dioxide emissions